How to recognize that one site and company is a scam?

Have you ever wondered what all this indicates that one company and its site is pure fraud? Are there any indications, elements, and anything that would help us identify a fake company on the Internet or see various errors on its site?

From the beginning of the Internet, fraudulent companies have always been online, in one form or another. Every Internet user once had the opportunity in his life to meet a fraudulent company that extorted from him either money or personal data.

One example of these fraudulent websites is the Texas Medical Technology company where Omri Shafran was the CEO, which primary goal was to take advantage of the current COVID-19 pandemic and profit from desperate people.

 Even though there may not be a universal answer to how to recognize these cybercriminals, there are some helpful tips.

#1 Check the domain name, rate, and date

Much is hidden in the domain name of the site itself. Sometimes that is just enough to see if it is a fraudulent site or not. How is this determined? First of all, check the domain name itself. If it mimics a particular brand, as is the case with “”, or has a clickbait phrase like “very cheap”, it’s very likely a scam.

Domain rating, as the word itself says, is the rating of a particular site. The lower it is, the greater the chance that it is a fraud. Also, it is common knowledge that scam sites are short-lived.

In this regard, if the site was created that day or the day before, you can almost be sure that it is a site that will steal your personal information and money.

#2 Website content can reveal a lot

Have you noticed what kind of content exists on the site? Is it, above all, original and grammatically well written? Are there credible and well-optimized photos? What are the titles, links, etc.?

You can also say a lot by watching the content on the site itself. If you notice many grammatical errors, non-existent “lorem ipsum” text on many pages, texts that are repeated in different categories, generic photos … all this may indicate that this is a scam site when you should avoid it as much as possible.

#3 There are no reviews or employers at all

Whenever you doubt a company’s credibility, there are two ultimate things you can do to check. The first thing is to look for reviews about that site, that is, the company on Google and the second is to find the employees of that company on the social network Linkedin.

If there is neither, the situation is more than clear that it is a fraudulent company. Even if there is some review or page on Linkedin, check how many followers there are and the description of the company itself. The shorter and more generic the text, the greater the chance you have fallen victim to cybercriminals.

The Bottom Line

The best protection against cybercrime is to avoid scam sites and not to click on any links. Also, before you leave any personal data online, check the site’s source because someone may misuse it. Always be careful on the Internet!

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